Friends of Page Park

Who are the Friends of Page Park - a short history

The Friends of Page Park are a non-profit making, voluntary group of local residents and park users whose aim is to protect and improve the park and its facilities for the community and future generations. The group is a registered charity (number 1158230)

If you're interested in helping, or just finding out a bit more please get in touch.

It was 1997.  Many concerns were expressed about the general condition of Page Park. There were complaints about paths which urgently needed attention, deterioration in the standard of maintenance to the flower beds and the trees, a garden for disabled residents which was inaccessible to wheelchair users, problems with play equipment and damage to the aviary caused by antisocial behaviour. With the help of residents we campaigned for action to be taken to address these problems. Although the recently formed South Gloucestershire Council addressed some issues we were told that there were insufficient resources to accomplish major improvements. Something had to be done.

A presentation was made to the Community Services Committee of South Gloucestershire Council by the Friends of Barrs Court showing what had been achieved by the group when working with the council. This led us to ask for the same arrangement to be made for Page Park. Other areas made the same request and with the support of a group of residents there was almost a year of campaigning before our request was accepted.

A meeting was held to set up the group in 1999 and George Lillywhite was elected as the first Chair. When he resigned Shirley Potts acted as Chair for a few months before handing over to Lorna Carter–Stevens. A great deal of progress has been made since then. Funding has been raised for a number of projects including the replacement of the Garden for the Disabled by an accessible Sensory Garden, a new aviary, new play equipment and the restoration of the Edwardian bandstand.  More recently we've had brilliant success with our fundraising bids with the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Postcode Lottery.  A new cafe and restored clock tower were delivered in the summer of 2018 and the work of the HLF Project continues today.

The Group has been able to organise a number of consultation exercises involving most sections of the public, thus promoting a sense of ownership of the park. There has been an increase in the use of the park as a community space particularly during events like the Centenary celebration, the Armed Forces Day, the jubilee celebrations and the grand bandstand opening concert. We are particularly grateful to the members who work in the park and those who organise active support from the local schools and other groups

The Friends of Page Park Group is committed to developing and protecting the park and membership is open to anyone who would like to assist in this endeavour.  Please contact us  or come to a meeting if you would like more information.