With thanks to photographer Terry Graham for his "Flight of the Doves" photo.

Our Aviary Upgrade Project is now COMPLETE and our very happy birds are enjoying their new home.  Scroll on below to see the journey of how we did it.   A big thank you to those who donated to our funds to enable this improvement to be made to our park.  Come along to the Sensory Garden to meet the birds and brighten your day.

> UPDATE 30th September 2021
Our budgies left the park for their holiday today, please see attached photos.
They were not totally keen on the idea but they will be well looked after at Grimsby Farm while the aviary renovation is taking place.  I would like to thank the staff at the farm for their support and the work they will be involved in over the next few weeks to help us make the aviary a nicer place for the budgies to live in. Next week we will sort out the work required, materials ordered etc and then we will go in during the week starting 11th October and clear out the inner structure, and give the aviary a deep clean. We are waiting to hear from the contractor with regards to the quote for the paving and soak away work.

> March 2021

We love our park animals and are especially proud of our birds.  You can spot lots of wild birds in the park including our lovely doves near to the water fountain and sensory garden.  


Inside the Sensory Garden there is an aviary, which is a much loved feature of Page Park but is also in need of significant work to improve it for the benefit of the birds as well as for the park visitors.

Tom at the Bean Tree Cafe, one of the Friends of Page Park Trustees, will be taking the lead for us in a major revamp project together with officers at South Glos Council and our amazing Grounds Crew.  Details are yet to be confirmed but we already have several specific proposals which should make the aviary a nicer place to visit and a much nicer place for the birds to live:

  • removing the central structure so the birds flight lines will be increased
  • improved perching and a purpose built breeding box
  • painting the mesh black to aid visibility
  • improved pathways around the aviary
  • climbing plants added around the aviary to give seasonal interest

We also want to add more birds and different species.The Trustees have agreed to fund the cost of the materials for the project and so we are going out to our community for donations.

Aviary & Park Birds

> UPDATE 24 November 2021

The Aviary revamp is finished at last and later today our budgies are coming home. It has been a lot of work, and  a lot of thought put into making it a nicer place for the birds to live  and a nicer place for our park visitors to visit.   Apart from the ground work and the new gated area(Soak-away) the work has been completed by our amazing volunteers.  So a BIG THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for what you have all achieved.

> UPDATE 5 November 2021

The Aviary revamp is going well

> UPDATE 21 March 2023

We thought you might like to see some photos of our very happy birds!

Friends of Page Park