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What are your Opening Time?

The park is open from dusk until dawn.

The gate are locked and unlocked at these times

Summer (April - Oct) : 6am to 10pm

Winter (Nov - March) : 6am to 9pm

For assistance in the case of emergency please contact Sentinel Group Security on 0208 514 6565

Where is Page Park?

Page Park is located in Staple Hill, South Gloucestershire. It is

roughly 5 miles north east of the centre of Bristol. 

The park is enclosed by Broad Street, Hill House Road, Park Road and South View.

The park can be easily accessed by car, on foot or by bike or bus.  We're just 400m from the Bristol to Bath cycle path which exits onto Signal Road.

I want to report vandalism or

antisocial behaviour

In an emergency ​where people or property are at immediate significant

risk of harm please call 999 and safeguard your own safety as a priority.

To report antisocial behavior or an incident

that is non urgent please call 101. 

Please report vandalism or other damage to property to 101 or the

South Gloucestershire Council StreetCare helpdesk 01454 868000

When and Where is the next FOPP meeting?

You're very welcome to join us at one of our regular meetings.  Just check on our calendar for details or the date and location.   If you're not sure or need directions you can use the contact form above to ask us!

We don't currently publish the minutes of our meeting on-line, but these

are available if you attend a meeting or are on our mailing list.  

Use the contact form above to add your name.

Where is Steph's house?

Some meetings are held at Steph's house.  If you're not sure where exactly that is then use the contact form above to get a message to her. 

Where is the Aspirations building?

The Aspirations building is on the NE corner of the park.  The main entrance is on South View, but you'll probably need to get to our meeting via the the back entrance which is around the corner (on Hill House Road).  Just wander around to the rear of the building and you'll see the light on. 

I went to the Aspirations building and nobody was there!

Ah! We've moved some of our meeting to the Nest - the community room in our lovely new Bean Tree Cafe.  The cafe is in the park.  You can get to it from any entrance, but we suggest the one on Park Road is probably the easiest.