Friends of Page Park

Old Children's Play area

 The new children's play area is now open.  However, our old play area is still much loved and is still enjoyed by many of our local children. We also have a teen play area.

We're really pleased that the replacement Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) complaint swing seats were delivered and installed in the park this morning (7th Nov 2017).  Most children who have outgrown the toddler seats can use these seats without a harness. However, if a child does need extra support a couple of removable harnesses are going to be made available to borrow.  Please enquire in the Bean Tree Cafe.

Alternatively people can purchase their own harness online at HAGS SMP/Mirage Harness. These can be used in play areas across the country which have these seats including Emersons Green park.

The worn bearing was replaced on the roundabout in the older play area on the 26th October and it is now turning smoothly and quietly.