Friends of Page Park

A warm welcome to those who joined us on Friday 20 April to mark the installation of a new interpretation panel in Page Park which commemorates the war years in Staple Hill.

Our thanks to everyone involved in developing this unique panel which captures the experiences of local people and the history of this important time for our community.

On this special occasion we also took the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful park in spring and see the other heritage interpretation features including the café heritage mural and clock tower heritage plaque.  

The itinerary :

10.30am – meet at the sensory garden gates and enjoy a walk around the park with the regular Friday morning park walking for health group

10.45am – gather at the WW2 bunker adjacent to the new interpretation panel for ribbon cutting

10.55am – tea and cake

You'll find it next to the wartime bunker

The Heritage Mural inside the Bean Tree Cafe.  Photo taken on the day of our celebration of winning the Queens Award.

War Years Interpretation Panel

20th April 2018

The Clock Tower Heritage Plaque

The interpretation panel in Page Park