Friends of Page Park

Annual Visitor Survey 2020

> 15 December 2020 - Survey results

Here are all the key headlines from the recently conducted annual survey of Page Park users. The survey is used to monitor progress following the major investment in the park funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and others.
• 717 survey forms were completed (well over double the number returned for previous surveys)
• Nearly three quarters of respondents (72%) gave their overall satisfaction score as a 10 (out of 10) or a 9
• Nearly all of the respondents (98%) agreed that the park has a positive impact on the local community.
• 90% agreed that there is a good community spirit in the local area around the park.
• 94% of respondents agreed that the park enhances their quality of life and 81% of respondents agreed that the park feels safe .
• The largest number of respondents (over three quarters) indicated that they use Page Park to relax and get some fresh air. Slightly less (70%) visit with friends and children. 60% of respondents like to visit the café.
• Overall, 72% of respondents indicated that the park area now feels safe as a result of the restoration project.
• 67% agreed that having a dedicated Park Grounds Coordinator present makes the park feel safe
We hope you will agree this is a great reflection on all the success of the project and all involved!
Thank you as ever for your support


As part of the Heritage Lottery funded restoration project there is an annual survey of visitors to Page Park. This is available on-line for people to complete and only takes a few minutes to do.

Getting a good number of respondents to the survey helps show how valued Page Park is so please follow the link below and complete it if you can.