Seed Swap  

10th March 2018, 11am to 1pm at the Nest (Cafe)

CHANGE OF DATE & TIME : Due to the snow, the seed swap at the cafe will join the Artisan Market on Saturday 10th March.

Seed Swap at Page Park

FOPP are planning a seed exchange event for the end of February, with the aim of bringing the community together, swapping spare seeds from the garden or allotment and potentially getting a few donations for our funds.  Chats over a coffee about how things germinate and the relative qualities of different types of bean are encouraged.  It should be fun.  Neighbours bring spare seeds and take home something different in return.  If people haven't got seeds to bring, they can make a small donation to the FOPP bucket.

All seeds with a chance of growing are welcome, flowers or vegetables.  For the new gardeners, F1 hybrid seed potentially doesn't produce plants true to the parent type and I've never saved any.

Please bag your seeds in small amounts, say 25 or less, to make them go further.

Please label the bag/envelope clearly with the type (e.g. Bean), the variety (e.g. Runner, White Lady) and the year of collection, likely to be 2016.  If you want to be more creative and put pictures or growing instructions on the packet, please feel free.  These then go into A-Z boxes on the tables in the room so that people can look for things that interest them.

My dining room table has 5 types of bean and pea drying out with more to come.  Once you have dried yours and bagged and labelled them, we will be pleased to start collecting them in advance of the event.  A donation has already been made of 100 packets of commercial seed, to start us off.

We may also have a table of growing related things like good quality gardening books, unwanted gardening gifts, etc, for which donations might be made.


Friends of Page Park

Friends of Page Park