Reporting vandalism or antisocial behaviour
In an emergency where people or property are at immediate significant risk of harm please call 999 and safeguard your own safety as a priority.

To report antisocial behavior or an incident that is non urgent please call 101

Please report vandalism or other damage to property to the police on 101 and  South Gloucestershire Council

Contact : 01454 868000

13 February 2018: Police update (Wayne Hick and Nick Pearce)

There is a beat surgery held every Thursday in the Bean Tree Cafe. This is in conjunction with someone from Merlin Housing and a Dog Officer from SGC. Overall there have not been very many issues or anti-social behaviour in the Park or elsewhere in Staple Hill recently. The Park is visited 2/3 times per day by officers on foot. It is important that any issues are reported to the police straight away so that any increase in anti-social behaviour can be tackled before it escalates. 

Staple Hill Neighbourhood Police Team

19 April 18: PCSO Amie and Sargeant Aqil enjoying the sunshine on foot patrols in Staple Hill Page Park this morning. They tweeted : Thanks to everyone for being so friendly, we’ve met some lovely children enjoying the sun & having a play in the park.

Friends of Page Park