Friends of Page Park

Aviary & Park Birds

With thanks to photographer Terry Graham for his "Flight of the Doves" photo.

We love our park animals and are especially proud of our birds.  You can spot lots of wild birds in the park including our lovely doves near to the water fountain and sensory garden.  


Inside the Sensory Garden there is an aviary, which is a much loved feature of Page Park but is also in need of significant work to improve it for the benefit of the birds as well as for the park visitors.

Tom at the Bean Tree Cafe, one of the Friends of Page Park Trustees, will be taking the lead for us in a major revamp project together with officers at South Glos Council and our amazing Grounds Crew.  Details are yet to be confirmed but we already have several specific proposals which should make the aviary a nicer place to visit and a much nicer place for the birds to live:

  • removing the central structure so the birds flight lines will be increased
  • improved perching and a purpose built breeding box
  • painting the mesh black to aid visibility
  • improved pathways around the aviary
  • climbing plants added around the aviary to give seasonal interest

We also want to add more birds and different species.The Trustees have agreed to fund the cost of the materials for the project and so we are going out to our community for donations.

Please contribute to our fund raising if you can.