Friends of Page Park

> Update : 28 July 2018


The Drinking Fountain work will start at the end of the week - hopefully on the 1st/2nd August.

The whole fountain will be removed and taken away for restoration.  South Glos Council will also start repairing the paths on 30th July.   

Watch this space for updates and photos

> Update : 13 Feb 2018

The new water supply to the drinking fountain has been fitted.  The works to the fountain itself are due to start shortly.  The options for the spout are to be reviewed.

> Update : 5 November 2018

The Drinking Fountain work is progressing well. The covers are being left on at the moment to protect it but it will be working soon.

> Update 2017: Fund Raising and Bristol Post tokens

We are fund raising to help restore the Drinking Fountain in Page Park.  Our objective is to raise funding for the restoration of the Drinking Fountain in Page Park to be able to reinstate its use once again.

The Friends of Page Park were nominated for a chance to win funding in the Airbus Community Awards, but unfortunately were were not successful in our bid.  We know a great deal of work went into collecting the vouchers in the Bristol Post and we did amass what seemed like a huge number.  But only enough to place us in the top 20, when it is just the top 10 that receive the prizes.  It was worth a try and we really are great full to all those who worked so hard to collect tokens.

We're not giving up though!  We still want to fund raise for the fountain and will work to find other ways to make this happen!

> 3 March 2019, 9.30am

The newly restored drinking fountain was unveiled during a small ceremony to celebrate this latest achievement in our lovely park.  The Junior Park Run were honoured to draw the first bottle of water.

>  22 Jan 2020

Thank you to Terry Graham for this wonderful photo capturing the newly restored drinking fountain on a misty morning.

Drinking Fountain - Restored!

> Update : 7 August 2018

The Drinking Fountain has now been removed for restoration and should be back in place by mid October. 

> 18 January 2021

Last week we received an email from someone who had recently moved close to Page Park and had found something in their garden they thought might be of interest to us!
After over 60 years we now have part of the original top of our Drinking Fountain back!
Frustratingly this comes just a couple of years too late as this piece has recently been replaced as part of our Heritage Lottery Fund project, however we welcome the original stone back to our park where it belongs.
The stone was collected this morning and, considering where it was found and its age, it is in pretty good condition.
What is noticeable is the original sections of the fountain were stuck together whereas now the restored fountain is connected by a metal rod going from top to bottom.
Looking at photographs of the fountain on the Park's 50th birthday celebration in 1960 the top was already missing then.
There were rumours that it had been rolled down Gerrish Avenue and left in a local garden however we did not have any more information. However, by sheer coincidence, the story of what happened appears to have been confirmed only yesterday to us by a local resident. It seems that a group of youths removed the top section of the fountain and rolled it down Gerrish Ave, and we believe the remaining missing piece might still be in one of the gardens in Burley Grove... just showing that there is nothing entirely new about antisocial behaviour and previous generations could also be badly behaved as well!
The piece we found today is lacking the ball from the top of it which is still missing and presumably could also be in a local garden somewhere.
It would be good to find a use for the returned stone so if you have any suggestions then please let us know.
The cost to originally install the fountain was raised by the people of Staple Hill and Mangotsfield in recognition of their appreciation to Arthur William Page who gave 19 acres of his front garden to create Page Park.
The photos show the return of the original piece of the fountain together with the recently restored replacement section that is now in place.

> Update : 16 October 2018

The conservation company Cliveden has been appointed to carry out these works. Works on site should be taking place shortly. New dome has been carved and looks great. We are planning an event to launch it towards the end of the year.

Thank you for all your hard work collecting tokens.