Friends of Page Park

We are fund raising to help restore the Drinking Fountain in Page Park.  Our objective is to raise funding for the restoration of the Drinking Fountain in Page Park to be able to reinstate its use once again.

The Friends of Page Park were nominated for a chance to win funding in the Airbus Community Awards, but unfortunately were were not successful in our bid.  We know a great deal of work went into collecting the vouchers in the Bristol Post and we did amass what seemed like a huge number.  But only enough to place us in the top 20, when it is just the top 10 that receive the prizes.  It was worth a try and we really are great full to all those who worked so hard to collect tokens.

We're not giving up though!  We still want to fund raise for the fountain and will work to find other ways to make this happen!

Do you have an idea for how we could fundraise? Let us know. Could you help by volunteering? Or you could make a donation.  You don't have to buy the whole fountain, but every penny helps.

Drinking Fountain


Thank you for all your hard work collecting tokens.