Friends of Page Park

Planting Party #2 : Wednesday 4 October 2017  : 9.30 to 2 pm.
This time we planted the new bed opposite the War Memorial and around the clock tower.

Thank you to all those who helped.  You're making our park a nice place to be!

Planting Party  : Thursday 15 February 2018 : 9am to midday. If you have spades, forks etc please bring them along. Can you help? Please let us know. Even just an hour would help.  

Thanks go to Julia Wimbush for her lovely photo of the war memorial surrounded by beautiful blooms.

Planting Party : Wednesday 6 Sept 2017 : 9.30 to 2.30pm 

A huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers who came along to our planting session this morning.

We had lots of help of all ages and the beds look amazing.

There will be a couple more planting parties arranged for the coming weeks so more opportunities for people to come along and help make the park look lovely!

Planting Party #4 and #5 : Wednesday 8th and Saturday 11th November: 9am to 1pm

More planting!  Can you help? Please let us know. Even just an hour would help.  Bring your own trowel / spade.

Christmas Tree in Page Park : December 2017

We are super excited that Wyevale donated a tree for us to plant in the sensory garden.   It will be a root-ball tree (i.e not in a pot) which is about 80-100cm tall, so will have plenty of time to grow.  

Its latin name is Picea abies (Norway Spruce).   We invited local school children to decorate the tree.  

Planting Party #6 : Wednesday 29 November: 9am to 11am

This coming Wednesday (29th) we are having another planting party. We have about 1000 bulbs to be planted and it would be great to have as many people from the community as possible taking part so as to help get the job done.

This will be from 9am to 11am, meeting at the war memorial. If you are able to help for any of this time that would be much appreciated.

 Can you help? Please let us know. Even just an hour would help.  Bring your own trowel / spade.

Planting Party  : Wednesday 24 January 2018 : 9am to 1pm
The aim is to plant up the area just inside the Park Road gates.  If you have spades, forks etc please bring them along. Can you help? Please let us know. Even just an hour would help.  

Sensory Garden planting : ​Wednesday 8 June 2016

Some of our volunteers have been busy in the Sensory Garden starting to make use of this award.  Many thanks to the team that assembled on Saturday ready to transfer a delivery of compost into the flower beds.  That has been followed up today by numerous new plants being put into the beds.

So a huge thank you to our volunteers who have helped to make the Sensory Garden such a delight, and thanks also to the People's Postcode Lottery for their funding.

Here are a few pictures of today's activities:

We have purchased lots of plants for planting in various locations around the park using a grant from the Peoples Postcode Lottery.  The first batch of plants were planted at our first 'Planting Party' around the new cafe building in September 2017.  This is Phase 1 of the new flower beds.  Lots more planting days have taken place and are regularly advertised on this website, Facebook and twitter. All help is very much appreciated, if you have spade, trowel etc please bring along and we usually gather for a bacon sandwich at the Bean Tree Cafe before we start.  If you would like to help then please let us know so we can get an idea of numbers. 


We were of course absolutely delighted to have been awarded £20,000 recently by the People's Postcode Lottery with the money to go towards planting in Page Park.

Postcode Lottery Planting  

Planting Party #3 : Saturday 7th October  : 9.30 to 1 pm.
The other planting parties have been during the week so this is a chance for those unable to help out mid week to come along and join in.
We will be planting the new beds around the Clock Tower, the East side of the Broad Street entrance, the bed by the children's play area, the circular area around the tulip tree, and by the Tennis pavilion.

This is the second stage of the planting schemes from The Friends and funded by our Postcode Lottery grant funding. Please bring your own tools if you can.

Seed Swap : 3rd March 2018 : 10am to 12pm in the Nest (at the new cafe)

Neil from the Friends of Page Park is organising a Seed Swap which will

be held in the Nest (at the new cafe).  Read more from Neil by clicking here